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Discover High Commissions From The FinTech Affiliate Industry

Discover High Commissions From The FinTech Affiliate Industry

Are you an affiliate, influencer, publisher? This is your source for high ticket sales, grandiose CPA, lifetime revenue share deals, improved coversion rates, and so much more.


Invest in Horses (Forget the Bulls and Bears)

Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered. And horses run, while humans throw money at them. All the talk about rich animal life just made sense.

Balloon Options

Ballooning anything sounds like a dream come true if it’s on the positive spectrum, and negative balloon events sounds catastrophic. Balloon options could be both. Perspective matters.

Investment Thesis

In finance, an investment thesis is a document proposing a position. Typically these are formal documents, but if you are serious about investing, try creating a thesis (formal or not) before every investment you make.

Non-Fungible Tokens: The Insane Record Sale Prices of NFT's

The only question worth asking about non-fungible tokens: Can you make money with NFT’s, and if so, how?

Millions in Months: How To Make Substantial Money, Fast

How can you make a substantial amount of money swiftly, like several million dollars, in just a few months?

Finance Books In One Sentence Or Less (or More)

You can’t read all finance books. Read some trading books, a few business books, skim or read summaries of the rest.

Finance Glossary: Terms, Dicitionary, Slang of Finance

This is a list of finance dictionaries, as well as definitions of some common words and sayings in finance.

Mafia Words: Slang and terminology of the mafia

Introduction to the words and slang used by the Mafia. This is a reference of mafia sayings and a glossary of some common gangster terminology.

WallStreetBets Glossary - Words, Slang, Idioms of WSB Explained

WallStreetBets (WSB) is a popular subreddit. The given community description: Like 4chan found a bloomberg terminal. This WSB glossary lists words, slang, sayings, idioms used by the community.

The Best Trading & Finance Movies

Here’s a list of the best finance movies for traders and investors. Watch these films for entertainment, but don’t be surprised if you’ll actually gain some valuable trader lessons. Chill and learn!

FinTech Affiliate Programs

These are the best affiliate programs in the FinTech industry. Read this if you are an affiliate, influencer, publisher.

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